OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Kristin completed my General Transcription Bootcamp Course with flying colors! She has a knack for following directions and paying attention to detail. She did so well that, once the course was over, she began working on transcripts for me.

The thing that Kristin does best is something that I consider the hardest part of general transcription. She has the ability to remove unnecessary fillers while maintaining the “voice and feel” of the speaker and all important details in her transcripts. She would be a great benefit to any business owner looking to repurpose their audio or video with a quality written product!”
~Alicia, Owner, newVAadvice.com


Kelly-298x300Kristin does a great job for me when I need transcription tackled. She’s speedy, contentious and asks important questions that help to provide a quality end result!

- Kelly McCausey