Leaping out of Your Comfort Zone

The Impact of Fear

What is it about that tiny little voice inside your head that keeps your from accomplishing the goals you set for yourself?

That little voice will keep us from talking to someone we like, taking that trip, and following through with our ideas. We allow fears and insecurities to take over and it causes us to second guess every decision. The end result: We end up taking no action. We make no decisions. We stay securely in our comfort zone.

The Comfort Zone Curse

The comfort zone is one of the worst places to be. It strips us of becoming who we are meant to be and living our best life. We stay in a job we hate, we never write that book, we put off starting that business, and we end up with a bunch of regrets. Fear of rejection and failure are two of the biggest reasons we stay locked in our comfort zone.

Fear is a part of life but it can have a devastating effect on our productivity, our motivation, and our confidence. It doesn’t matter who you are or how successful you become. Fear still exists and it sucks.

It sucks all the life out of our dreams and goals and it keeps these awesome, amazing people (like YOU) from being the best version of yourself.

Taking the Leap – Now is the Time

I have struggled my whole life with confidence issues, comparing myself to others, and talking myself out of doing anything that strayed from the norm. I disliked my job, I hated living paycheck to paycheck, and I felt stuck. Deep down in my heart I knew there had to be more than this so I began listening to podcasts, reading books, and learning all I could about how to create a life I would be proud of.

I decided that starting my own business was exactly what I needed to do. I wanted to be my own boss, make my own hours, and be home with my children. The thought terrified me enough that I waited for two years (that comfort zone was just too darn comfy) to really take action and start putting myself out there. It makes me mad that I waited so long but I’m determined and I’m taking action now. I need to stretch my limits and see where I can take this business and any other businesses I create in the future. I will decide how successful I want to be by kicking fear to the curb and stepping out of my comfort zone for good.

The Stretch Yourself Challenge for 2014 has just kicked off as of October 1st and I had the privilege to attend the opening ceremonies. This challenge is full of enthusiastic, motivated people who want to press their limits and forge ahead to live their best life. I’m so excited to be a part of it and I want you to join me!

No matter how long you’ve procrastinated, no matter how many times you’ve set goals and not accomplished them, no matter how long you’ve lived in a holding pattern with your life and business – NOW is the time to act.

You can only get in on the 2014 Stretch Yourself Challenge for a few more days (October 7th is the last day to officially sign up) and I encourage you to participate with myself and many others by stretching the limits and stepping outside our comfort zones FOR GOOD!

Commit-Stretch-Succeed 2014